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Nuclear Nightmare Continues

Just when you thought the Fukashima disaster couldn’t get any worse…enter radioactive boars. Yep, the wild beasts ,that had been hanging around the abandoned Japanese nuclear power plant , are now running amok in the vacated towns. Experts believe they are showing signs of being 300 times over the radioactive safety levels. With the government recently announcing people can soon return home to their abandoned towns the race is on to cull them. Seriously? Who would want to go back?

PSST If the boars are radioactive what the hell else is….just saying.


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Anyone For Python Vindaloo?

I’m not eating that!!!!

Want to know the best way to get rid of pesty Florida creatures like pythons, wild boar and lion fish? Have a top Miani chef cook off, that’s how. Yep, these nasty evasive critters, who have no natural predators (until now) will become the main ingredients for the chef’s dishes. Yummy.


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Shh, I Thinks There’s One Over Here

I don't know, something about a man in goat skins.

OK, here’s the thing people, when hunting do not, and I repeat, do not dress in animal skin or the hunter will become the hunted. Christos Constantinou and his family were out looking for a wild boar to shoot for Christmas dinner. Christos donned on his special dark goat hunting skins for camouflage but as he moved through the undergrowth his family opened fired on him thinking he was a  boar. Boar 1, Christmas Dinner 0.


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This Little Piggy

Not that bore, silly!

Oh for goodness sakes people, do you think hiding in a waste container is going to save you from a group of roving wild boars? Evidently the four German walkers, who were taking a nighttime walk in the woods, thought so (Hmm,obviously haven’t seen Razorback).   They spent a few freezing cold hours shivering in the container while the bush pigs giggled and snorted at their predicament. Police eventually found them and  escorted them from their hiding spot. Pigs 1, Walkers 0


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