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Billy Don’t Be A Hero!

Move over Kim Jong Il we have a new anti hero. A Kiwi fugitive is fast becoming a cult hero after his brazen escapes from police. William “Billy” Stewart has been running amok stealing and evading New Zealand police for months, much to the public’s delight. He has managed to slip through their fingers over 7 times.The massive swing from felon to legend happened after he stole a few pies from a farm kitchen and scratched a thank you message in the table signed “Billy the Hunted One”. Everyone loves a cheeky crim. His popularity has become so widespread that “Where’s Billy” T-shirts are now selling online for $47. Students in Hamilton have even suggested a National Where’s Billy Day “It’s about having some fun while drinking one beer for each evasion of capture,”. Police believe he sleeps in rural areas by day and then lurks at night. They describe him as an armed 47-year-old Caucasian, 177cm tall, of thin build, and has a No 2 haircut (hmm, which just about identifies every middle aged Kiwi).
I suppose their are worse people to glorify than dangerous, methamphetamine-addicted loners (ain’t that right Winehouse?).

UPDATE : Dagnabbit, New Zealand’s most wanted Crim has been caught. Billy was nabbed after trying to steal a quad bike. Watch the sales of t-shirts plummet now!

Psst Wanna can read more about William “Billy” Stewart ?

A must watch news report on the elusive Billy…

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