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What a Knob!

Which way should we turn it?

Oh, for the love of god, how? A 24 year old woman from Wiltshire, England, impaled her boob on a door handle and she had to be cut free by firefighters. Awkward! The men used hand saws to cut her off the door but the handle still remained inside her body when she was rushed to hospital. Ewh ouch! So far no one knows how the accident happened.


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Demented Whist Player

OK, can the dude who stole the severed hand of a gambler at the Haunch of Venison pub in Salisbury, Wiltshire, please return it ASAP, it’s cursed. The hand belonged to a gambler who was caught cheating while playing whist and it’s been on display for over a century. If you are to believe the local legend the ghost of the ”Demented Whist Player” spooks the place and is probably spooking the thieves as we speak. Boo!


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Aliens in Wiltshire

Hey guys, that human is waving at us!

Hey guys, that human is waving at us!

OK, at least there is one thing going for him, he is a police officer. An off duty cop claims he saw aliens (not illegal ones, friggin beam me up Scotty types) after he was out examining a crop circle in Wiltshire. He said he saw three of them, 6ft tall and blond, but when he called out to them they ran off “faster than any man he had ever seen”. During the close encounter the policeman said he heard “the sound of static electricity”. Well alrighty then it must be aliens!

Psst They must have stopped to admire the crop circle … primitive art!


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