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Fail Turns Into A Win

So this is why everyone loves ten pin bowling….


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Russia Set To Win The World Cup

In a recent poll 8% of Russians believed their team will win the World Cup. Psst, they didn’t friggin qualify.


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Seagull Hooked on Doritos

Even the seagulls are finding it tough in this economy. If I recall the owners placed the gull’s favorite snack, Tangy Cheese Doritos, on the lower shelf so they were easier to pinch. Nothing worse than a hyperactive seagull to deal with!


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Oh When The Saints Come Marching In

Congrats to the New Orleans Saints for winning this year’s Super bowl! If you were ever going to write a fairytale, this would be it. After the Saint’s stadium became the refuge for victims of Hurricane Katrina and was declared unusable it looked like the future of The Saints was in jeopardy. For a brief moment in time the Saints had to relocate, but they came back…. not giving up on their city. Fast forward to 2010 and the streets of New Orleans flood once again but this time with the tears of jubilation. Who Dat?

Psst Put that in your pipe George W and smoke it!


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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

I am not going to tell you the ending, you’ll just have to watch…


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Geez, I Hope This Time He Flushes!

Couple win rent reduction because they can hear neighbor peeingWell I’ll be. A Judge has sided with two tenants over a dispute about the sound of one man pissing. Hmm, evidently the walls of the Berlin apartment where Peter and Susana Keller live are so thin they can hear the man next door taking a leak. The noise became  so bad and annoying they decided to go to court to get a reduction in their rent. Experts told the courts the sound of the neighbor urinating was “clear, distinct and plainly very irritating”. The judge agreed and viola, 10% cut in rent!


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