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Wedding Owl Fail

A stunt owl who was hired to deliver rings at a wedding ceremony decided to make a run/fly for it but didn’t count on there being a window in his escape exit.

PSST Don’t fear animal lovers, Max the owl was fine, just a nasty headache.


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On A Bright Note You Won’t Have To Have Your Appendix Out

Woman shot while in her hospital roomLucky or unlucky, I can’t decide? A woman was in her room at a Philadelphia hospital when a bullet came flying through the window and hit her in the abdomen. OK, I’m going for unlucky.


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Touchy Subject

Tsk, tsk, tsk, sometimes it is better to let sleeping dogs lie. Chris Brown had a mini rampage at the studios of Good Morning America after he was quizzed about his assault on his ex girlfriend Rihanna during an interview. Seems a dressing room window got the brunt of his rage after he threw a chair at it. He also ripped off his shirt before letting rip at a producer. The hissy fit was  the end result of a persistent Robin Roberts continually referring back to the Rihanna incident during the interview, despite him looking decidedly uncomfortable. Bad form all around.

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So What You’re Saying is NO?

As if lady!

Honey , Sweetie, darl when approaching a Darwin taxi driver for a little sex on the side, you might want to think about having a shower first. Dean the cabbie picked up the woman outside a tavern and she soon asked if he wanted to have sex…his response…”If you saw the girl you’d have to be pretty desperate. She was a very big fat ugly woman, she got in the car and stunk it out.” In other words, Dean politely declined the offer but then things got nasty. The enraged sheila began swearing, cursing and kicking, then got out of the taxi for some more swearing, kicking and cursing before she threw a bottle through the rear window.Hmm, no one puts the fat, ugly , smelly woman in the corner (even in Darwin)!


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So Close, Yet So Far


Oh for crying out loud Chinese granny, if you wanted you go home just say so. Zhang Yingfeng (80) was staying with her son Tian Weitao and his wife in the big smoke but  yearned to go back home to her rural village. Unfortunately it was going to be a little bit more difficult than originally thought because her son had locked her in (that’s a 9.8 with pike!). Never you mind, she came up with a foolproof plan. Yingfeng wrapped a rope around her waist, jumped onto the window ledge and began climbing down the side of the apartment building. Only problem was, it was 5 stories high and the damn rope wasn’t long enough. She only managed to make it to the third story window before someone noticed her dangling there. Firefighters raced to the scene and managed to winch her to safety. I guess it’s back to the drawing board!


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Lucky Landing

Three year old falls out of window while looking at fishCahill Parrish-Wood, like any three year old boy, was determined to watch the fish in a pond outside the kitchen window of his two storey home. So he made himself some stairs out of drawers and climbed on top to check them out. Only problem was he fell out the window. Whoops. Yes, despite falling 4m and landing on the solid concrete floor below, narrowly missing a glass table and 5ft ceramic pot, he managed only a little bruising to his hip and a “tiny bit of damage to his spleen”. Ta-da! When asked what the heck happened he told his dad “I went to look at the fish and I fell out the window. I was flying. I didn’t fall backwards.”


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