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Who’s The Man In The Windshield?

OK loons, have a guess whose face this is in that blob of bird poop.  Go on, take your time.

If you said Michael Jackson take a bow. Some dude in Chicago was lucky enough to have some bird shit the late singer onto his windshield. He told reporters how he suddenly saw Jacko appear before his very eyes and how it became even more evident when the poop hardened.  Now he has plonked the windshield on eBay at a reserve price of $500. Smooth criminal.


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Lethal Loo

Oh my, a woman in Okeechobee was killed when a portable toilet came flying through her windshield. Dawn Johnston was driving along State Road 15 when two loos fell off a trailer and kaboom one crashed through her window forcing her to veer from the road and straight into a tree.


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