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Crime Doesn’t Pay

loser2A Seattle burglar must be kicking himself . The loser broke into a car and stole a pair of glasses. What he didn’t know was the lottery ticket underneath the glasses was a $1 million winning Powerball ticket.



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And The Loser Is ……

loser2Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Some poor guy has missed out on $35 million because his lottery ticket was printed 7 seconds after the closing time. The prob was he bought the tickets right on closing time, the first one he bought was valid but by the time the second ticket was printed it was too late for the draw . He took the lottery regulator to court, suing for half the winnings because someone else won. The court said NO. Loser.


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The Definition of Loser

OMG, shredding your lottery ticket only to discover it was the friggin winning one…. worth $14.5 million…… PRICELESS. Chris Gooden from Fort Walton Beach used numbers from the back of a fortune cookie to make up the winning combination, however when he raced off to find the ticket he realized he had accidentally shredded it. Gooden found what little remained of the ticket in the teeth of the shredder. He is hoping his attorney can help him prove he had the winning ticket. Good luck with that!

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It Was Worth A Try

Huh, what ticket?

OMG, when 72 year old Milledge McCassell went to a deli in Queens to check his lottery ticket on the electric scanner he discovered he was a “Big Winner!”. All excited he handed over his ticket to the store worker to see how much he had won and that’s when everything got a little ugly. The worker told him he had won Jack and refused to give back the ticket.Poor old Milledge left but returned soon after demanding his ticket back. Now the worker had told him he had lost the ticket. Three friggin times the elderly man came back demanding his ticket before ringing police. Damn good thing he did because the bastard was going to claim the $14 million for himself. Yes, 14 friggin million.


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Lucky Loser

You would have to be one unlucky bastard. Not only did Mark Chambers get arrested for dealing cocaine but the lottery ticket he had in his pocket maybe seized by police after it was discovered it was a winner!!! Yes, Chambers won the damn Indiana “Pick Four” lottery winning prize money of $2,260. Loser.

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