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Hunters Be Warned

If you go into the Wisconsin woods today you’re in for a big surprise …. like a)  a volatile meth lab that could go kaboom or b) crazy, high, paranoid druggies who could go postal on you .  So says the sheriff who has issued a warning to all hunters.


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CoffinAttention good folk of Wisconsin, anyone missing a coffin? Seems it was found abandoned along a highway. Nope, no scratch marks on the inside, so we can count out a zombie. Anyone?


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Thanks a Lot Google Maps

Couple killed because hitman used google mapsWisconsin investigators suspect a wealthy couple may have been  accidentally bumped off in 2010 after a hitman got the wrong address while using Google Maps. Sheez, lucky the hitman didn’t have an iPhone, just saying . Unfortunately the couple’s son has been lingering in prison after being found guilty of his parents murders despite the next door neighbors claiming they were receiving death threats at the time. Hmm, I’m guessing cashing in his dad’s $50,000 cheque the day after the murders didn’t help his case. BUT investigators claim that when you type in the neighbor’s address it shows the couples house. Straw clutching?

Want sauce with that?


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Cluck Cluck Saves The Day

Get out, get out

Get out, get out

A Wisconsin couple are thanking their lucky stars they saved Cluck Cluck from their neighbor’s chopping block (when it stopped laying eggs) because the chook saved their lives. Seems when a fire broke out in their house the chicken, who was living in a cage in their basement, went berserk and began clucking hysterically. The raucous woke them up and they were able to escape. Cluck Cluck was later rescued by firefighters. Who wants a leg?


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Sure It’s A Love Seat But That Is Taking It Literally

Egads, a man in Wisconsin has been arrested for having sex with an abandoned yellow sofa in a street. An off duty cop saw the man in full view with his pants down near his ankles humping the couch. The unfortunate dude now faces 9 months in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Psst Maybe it had a pair of nice cushions?

2nd Psst Word must be spreading Bearman because when Craig Berry sent me the story he added this little side note “Wisconsin is only a couple states away from Ohio, hmmmm.”


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The Case Of The Fake Denny Manager


Here’s a unique way to get your hands on a free cheeseburger and fries. Walk into a Denny’s in Wisconsin, tell the staff you have been sent by the corporate office and you are now the store’s new general manager, then proceed to the kitchen and make yourself a cheeseburger and fries…viola. Oh, but make sure the current manager isn’t around or she just might ring head office to confirm. In that case, your screwed. Oh and when the police arrive, make sure you aren’t in possession of a stun gun and drug paraphernalia because that will just add to your charges of fraud and disorderly conduct… right Mr Summers?

Want sauce with that?


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There’s A Bear In There

You might want to tip toe around the town of Vesper in Wisconsin for a few months. They have a black bear hibernating in a  drain tunnel and he doesn’t like to be disturbed. Shhhh, thanks.


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Snake on a Face

If you have ever thought of getting a python as a pet, take heed. A woman in Wisconsin was at a book club meeting when she decided to take  her friend’s python out of its terrarium for a little play. Next thing she knows Annie the 4ft python has latched itself onto her face . The serpent refused, point blank, to let go of her right cheek until its owner appeared. I’m guessing we all know the moral of this story!!!


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Ed Gein The Musical

Sing along if you know the words!

I need to see that, like a hole in the head!

Psst Ed Gein was a serial killer who inspired the movies“Psycho,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Silence of The Lambs.” Hmm, can’t imagine foot tapping to that!

Want sauce with that?


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Say What?

Just to get you all warmed up for the Superbowl here are some Texans trying to pronounce the names of a few Wisconsin places.

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