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Airwaves Banned To Witch Doctors

Uganda bans witch doctor ads on radio

You'll regret it!!

Message to all witch-doctors promoting their healing powers over the radio, stop it, you are breaching the 1957 Witchcraft Act and “…are promoting witchcraft-related activities to the detriment of Uganda’s integrity”. Hmm, so says the Ugandan government’s ethics minister James Buturo. They are hoping to stamp out the dangerous art of witchcraft by stopping the airwaves broadcasting witch-doctor ads. Geez, wouldn’t have happened in Idi’s days!


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Nothing Worse Than a Pagan and a Liberal

J K Rowlings promoted witchcraftAnd more proof of George W’s brilliance. Seems “War on Terror” president denied JK Rowlings the Presidential Medal of Freedom because she promoted witchcraft. But that is not near so bad as being  Ted Kennedy, he got dissed because he was a “liberal”. Bippity boppity boo hoo! Oh but bless, anyone who had hands up for the war with Iraq immediately had a medal wrapped around their necks, including Tony Blair, John Howard, Alvaro Uribe, Paul Bremer and George Tenet.

Psst Hmm, wasn’t the war supposedly about Osama Bin Laden, you know the one  linked to Afghanistan? Nice blurred lines boys


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