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Heads Will Roll

embarrassedThe first rule when murdering and dismembering your roommate is to make sure the head doesn’t fall out of the trash bag when removing the body because someone might just see it. Just saying. The Memphis witness told police “When it fell, it was a head. I was like man what the hell, what you got going on bro?”

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Webcam Horror

It’s like out of some horror movie, a Beijing woman who was chatting with a Chinese student friend online in Canada may have witnessed her murder. During the chat there was a knock at the door and the online witness said she watched from the webcam as a man entered the apartment and asked to use her cell phone. Soon after a fight broke out between the two. Despite much of the attack happening out of the camera view the woman saw enough to know it wasn’t good. After the attack the man walked over to the laptop and turned it off. Police were later notified and her body was discovered half naked in her apartment. The laptop is missing.

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She Needs Her Own Reality Show

This is the best description of a robbery you are gonna hear all day.

Psst Hey Jammers, this doesn’t happen to be your ex by any chance?


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Little Jail Mix Up

Thirsty, I'd like you to meet...

OK, here’s the thing Hennepin County Jail staff, never ever put a witness in a holding cell with the friggin murder suspect, especially if his name is Jonathan Nicholas “Thirsty” Turner. The poor dude, who hasn’t been named, was probably beaten to a pulp. Hmm, but we will never know because they aren’t releasing any details.

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