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Spin Cycle Fail

Granny, where's Todd?

Here’s the thing random lady, you don’t just waltz up to a kid on a playground ride and spin him so fast he screams for help. That is 6 months jail in Oz. OK fine, you get instant parole but it is still on your record. The random woman claims she was mucking around with a group of kids on a roundabout when she asked another kid if he wanted to join in as she was going to try and go really fast. He did, he screamed ( a lot) , she let him off. The problem? The kid was four. Enter parents, who ring the cops and random woman gets carted away in handcuffs.


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The Old Suitcase Made of Cocaine Trick

You idiot, there is nothing in here!

You idiot, there is nothing in here!

A drug cartel tried a different approach to smuggling their drugs out of Chile…they made suitcases out of friggin cocaine. A woman was caught at the Santiago airport with suitcases made from a combination of resin, fiber glass and cocaine. The dead give away was the suitcases were heavier than the contents.Detective Leandro Morales said that the drug could be easily extracted via a chemical process had the woman successfully made it to Spain. Back to the drawing board boys.

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