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Two Kids For a Cockatoo

Hey, do I get the kids room?

Hey, do I get the kids room?

Donna Greenwell thought she had a pretty good deal swapping her two kids for a cockatoo and $175. Paul and Lynn Romero were desperately trying for years to have a child and well Ms Greenwell really wanted a cockatoo. A match made in heaven. Hmm, the deal was negotiated after Ms Greenwell (from Louisiana) noticed a flier selling a cockatoo for $1500. After inquiring about the feathered friend and hearing the Romero’s tale of woe, she offered up the 5 year old boy and the 4 year old girl in exchange for the bird. Oh boy, here is the clincher, they weren’t even her kids! Now the kids are in state custody, the Romero’s are free on $5,000 bond (price of three cockatoos) and that Greenwell woman is being held in jail whilst the police investigate if she has sold other children in the past.Good luck with that. Oh and no word on what happened to the cockatoo!


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