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Hunters Be Warned

If you go into the Wisconsin woods today you’re in for a big surprise …. like a)  a volatile meth lab that could go kaboom or b) crazy, high, paranoid druggies who could go postal on you .  So says the sheriff who has issued a warning to all hunters.


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Dude, Where’s Your Pants?

An Arkansas couple were explaining to a TV crew how a tree had fallen on their house when a naked man walked out of the woods and killed the whole damn story. Seems the man was high as a kite.


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Nice Surprise For Hunters

My Bad?

OMG, stop looking everyone, three naked German women lost in the woods in Sweden have been found. Friends notified police after they failed to return from a nude romp. A helicopter and sniffer dogs (blahahaha, sorry for laughing) were deployed to aid in the search but they were called off when the women eventually found their own way back to their cottage in the dark (which was probably a good thing).

Psst I heard searchers were looking under every bush.


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Just Say No

Friggin Ouch!

Friggin Ouch!

OK, here’s the thing people, if you are going to try drugs that could make you paranoid and delusional please don’t take them anywhere near sharp, prickly bushes. Some poor guy was found in the Burein woods, scratched to high heavens, having spent the night roaming around in the wilderness in only his boxers.


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