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Australian Idol Judge Dead

One of Australian Idol’s judges has been found dead in a hotel room in Woolloomooloo. Settle, it isn’t Dicko or Marcia but Jay Dee Springbett, who replaced Kyle Sandilands after he was sacked. Police say there are no suspicious circumstances. RIP Jay Dee.

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While You Were Sleeping



Geez, how tired was he? A Woolloomooloo man has managed to clean up 9 cars and a brick wall while he was sleeping. The unnamed man was so tired as he drove along the streets of Woolloomooloo he fell asleep at the wheel before hitting a car and richocheting into two others. He then briefly awoke in time to collide with another parked car and hit a brick wall. As he turned into another street he dozed off again and hit two more cars and damaged a couple of others. When the police followed the trail of destruction they found a empty Pathfinder. The 28 year old  had managed to find a nice cozy place to sleep it off at a nearby school. No worries, he only  had a minor injury to his ear!


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