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Is It Me?

Is it me or are the new WordPress smiley faces creepy? creepy


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WordPress Fail

Can some techno geek explain to us why people are all of a sudden having problems commenting on WordPress blogs? Life in the WordPress bubble was happy and carefree until someone messed with it. If you are out there WordPress people can you fix the friggin problem.  Some people are getting messages asking them to log into their accounts before they can add a comment. Frustrating bit is the message comes up AFTER you have already written the comment and then of course you lose it.


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Come Back Pressrow!!!!!!

At some stage in the very near distance  future my theme is suddenly going to kaboom. Don’t know when, don’t know how, but I have this freaky little WordPress message permanently flashing on my dashboard, warning of the imminent change. At first I just ignored it like a pap smear but now it’s starting to scare me like my unopened letter from the tax department. It says I can activate now, but I don’t won’t to. I can be stubborn like that. So anywho, just so you know, if  one day you come a calling and see some hybrid friggin shithouse generic header on a blue background you know I’ve been deactivated. Damn you to hell (in advance)!


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Check Your Friggin Spam Filter People

Concerned that some of your regulars haven’t been on your blog for awhile? Well you might want to just check your spam filters to see if some have slipped through the cracks and ended up floating in the cesspool of Nigerian scammers and Russian porn pimps. I keep fishing Jammers out of mine (he was keeping real bad company).  The problem, I fear, is when you add a link in your comment. Google god thinks you are spamming and sends you to the sin bin. If you happen to find someone in your spam folder  I suggest you soak them in disinfectant or  hose them down before approving them. Can’t tell what they have caught down there!

Psst For people on WordPress the Spam Filter can be found when you click on “Comments” .



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Youtube Videos Don’t Load No More On WordPress

Here’s a big shout out to other bloggers who are having trouble uploading Youtube videos onto your WordPress blog, HELP!!!!. Either the Bottom Dwellers have pissed off Joy immeasurably or WordPress, we have a problem.  After trawling through copious forums last night and finding out that people have some hell more serious problems than me, I decided that if I simply go to bed then in the morning all will be fixed. Nope, same shit different day. I am guessing the basic problem is the HTML button ain’t working. You paste in the code and publish, and nothing , friggin nothing, not even a hello, how are you, just an empty space where code use to be. Frustrating to say the least WordPress. One more day of this and I see a Hitler rant coming on!!!

Psst Loons, if ever you feel a little down and out, just go onto the WordPress troubleshooting forums to brighten your day. Laugh at threads like “Where the hell did my blog go?”, ” Someone’s Hijacked my blog”, “Why Won’t it work?”, “I uploaded a widget and then my site disappeared”, “Why Won’t it let me in?” .


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Five Reasons Why I won’t Be Featured on Freshly Pressed

Ok here’s the thing Loons, after Trippin With Rip and Zodi’s blog got featured on “Freshly Pressed” I thought, why the fuck hasn’t Bearman’s, Madhatters, Susi Spice, Jammers, or mine been highlighted for the world to see? So I did a bit of scrounging and found the prerequisite for being featured. Oh shit, for the love of god, now I see why, here are the five reasons….

1. I sure as hell don’t write unique content that’s free of bad stuff.
2. Hmm, yeah, OK, I include images or other visuals but it’s usually from clip art.
3. OK, I add tags but they usually include “friggin”, “WTF” and “for the love of god”,  which, evidently, is a big friggin “obscure” no-no.
4. Blahahahaah writing typo-free content …as if! Friggin dunbos!
5. A compelling headline which “Avoid swear words, excessive punctuation or vague statements.” You have got to be fucking kidding me!

Oh well, I don’t mind being on the bottom of the blog heap…at least I’m in good company.

Psst Hey Joy, do you take bribes by any chance (Bearman wants to know!!!!!).


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