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Thanks US Military

This looks safe

This looks safe

Sheez, when it comes to a choice of dropping bombs on civilians or a world heritage site , the US military will go for a world heritage site every time. OMG, but did it have to be the Great Barrier Reef for goodness sakes. Four unarmed 226kg bombs were dropped on the fragile reef after civilian vessels were spotted in an approved drop zone during training exercises.


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Great Barrier Grief

Which part of restricted area didn’t they get? A Chinese coal carrier is threatening to spill 950 tonnes of oil into the Great Barrier Reef after veering 15km off course. The carrier, with 23 crew members onboard, is in danger of breaking apart after running aground. It is believed they hit the World Heritage Site at full speed. Capricorn Conservation Council spokesman Ian Herbert said the Environmental Impact Statement process had become a joke. Ya think?

Psst If we didn’t have to waste our resources escorting illegal boat people  into Australia we might spend more time protecting our coastline!


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