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Stand up and take a bow Nev Sharp. The Aussie just broke the world record for loudest burp. Yep, his belch reached over 110 decibels. In response Nev said “It’s been a bit of a goal from when I was a kid,” …. “I’m always training.”

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Perth Breaks Krispy Kreme World Record

vomitFor crying out loud Perth, have you never seen a doughnut before? Our poor State has been continually denied Krispy Kremes while the rest of the world have relished the treat. I can’t count the times I have had to squeeze numerous boxes of them in the luggage compartment of the plane when leaving Sydney for my desperate family and friends.But no more Perth, you finally have a Krispy Kreme store and not just that, you have also broken the world record for the number of Krispy doughnuts sold on the first day …. 73,2000 people, 73,200. The store had to employ over 100 staff to serve the poor depraved Perth sugar addicts.

PSST One dude camped out for three nights to be the first Krispy Kreme customer. Silly billy.


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Dr Earl Bell Still Getting High At 90

Meet Earl, he’s 90 and currently holds the world record for pole vaulting for his age group. Competition must be fierce.


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What’s An Olympics Without Accusations of Doping

Here’s the thing Chinese female swimmer, if you smash your personal best by more than 5 seconds and swim faster that the men’s number 1 to claim a gold medal, expect all eyebrows to be raised. 16 year old Ye Shiwen is under attack after what many coaches say is an “unbelievable” 400m individual medley world record. There has now been a call for an investigation into the Chinese, not just for doping but for the use of genetic manipulation. Seriously, is it that important to win a silly medal and destroy your country’s reputation?


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Ian Neale From Cardiff Friggin Run!!!!!

It can’t be good when Snoop Dogg dedicates 34 seconds on YouTube to give a shout out to a 68 year old vegetable gardener who broke the world record for growing the largest yellow turnip (also known as a swede or a rutabaga).  I can only guess as to why Snoop has taken a keen interest in gardening!!!!!

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Snuggie Blanket World Record

OMG, no friggin way.The Cleveland Cavaliers have broken the world record for the most snuggie blankets worn in one place, 20,562 of them! Get me a friggin aspirin.Thank goodness there were a few snuggie haters who refused to don on the maroon blankets and one dude brought his blue Pistons snuggie as a last act of defiance. Even the friggin players warmed up in them. Is there no shame people?


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Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On!

That's when the heartache begins!

That's when the heartache begins!

WTF. Where did all the Elvis impersonators go? Organizers of the “lets break the record for the  number of Elvis impersonators” event were left highly disappointed after only 29 rocked up. Geez Louise. The Ship Inn at Par, Cornwall, was expecting at least 148 Elvis’s to turn up to break the world record but had to be happy with 29. Fingers are now  being pointed at bad weather and the recession for the extremely poor turn out. This comes on the heels of last years failure when 63 Elvis Presleys were banned for not being dressed up enough. Thank you very much!

Psst The Aussies hold the record at 147 set in 2001

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