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Could have been messy

bouncy house explodesHey kids, you do know that the barnacle covered buoy you are playing with and jumping on at the beach is actually a World War II bomb right? Awks. The young kids found the bomb on a Welsh beach and asked their mum if they could play with it. Turns out it was a live bomb. Enter the Royal Navy who kaboomed it.


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Show And Tell Fail

Girl brings hand grenade to schoolSo what have you brought for show and tell today little girl. This miss. Run, children , run!!!!  A year 5 girl didn’t get the reaction she was hoping for when she brought a WWII hand grenade to school for show and tell. The school and nearby homes were evacuated and bomb experts from the Royal Australian Air Force were called in. The deadly device was eventually removed and is currently being disposed of.


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Introducing The Miss Holocaust Survivor Competition

So I thought I might wear my …oh wait

OMG, is it me or is having a “Miss Holocaust Survivor” competition kinda bad taste? The new comp sees 14 WWII survivors vying for the crown. The winner is judged on their personal stories of survival and how they have rebuilt their lives after the war. Only a small component is based on their looks!!!! Despite criticism the event has attracted over 300 women aged between 74 to 97 .


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Easter Egg Hunting Just Got a lot More Exciting

Forget England’s hand grenade Easter egg hunt, Germany just raised the bar. A group of little snowflakes in Northern Germany found a World War II bazooka on their Easter Egg hunt. Suck it up Somerset!!!


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German City Evacuated After Discovery of Two WWII Bombs

The sins of the past continue to haunt Germany with two large unexploded World War II bombs being discovered in a river in the city of Koblenz. The discovery forced 50,000 residents to be evacuated, including people from 7 nursing homes, 2 hospitals and inmates from a prison. The bombs, one a 1.8 tonne British device and the other a 125kg American device had been lying in the river for 60 odd years waiting to go kaboom. The bombs were discovered when the water level dropped due to drought conditions. So far 28  bombs have been discovered since 1999. Last year three bomb experts died trying to defuse a bomb in Lower Saxony and another three people were killed when a 500kg bomb exploded during construction of a sports stadium. Evidently around 1 in 10 bombs dropped in Germany during World War II didn’t explode.

Psst Why haven’t the German waterways been swept for unexploded bombs?


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It’s Fuzzy Wuzzy Day

Raphael Oimbari helps George "Dick" Whittington.

Slowly but surely the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels are being fully recognized for their heroic efforts during WWII. Affectionately referred to as Fuzzy Wuzzies  by the Australian soldiers (because of their hair), these brave Paupua New Guinea villagers were instrumental in carrying sick and wounded diggers out of the rugged terrain of Kokoda during World War II. One Aussie digger said of them …“They carried stretchers over seemingly impassable barriers, with the patient reasonably comfortable. The care they give to the patient is magnificent. If night finds the stretcher still on the track, they will find a level spot and build a shelter over the patient. They will make him as comfortable as possible fetch him water and feed him if food is available, regardless of their own needs. They sleep four each side of the stretcher and if the patient moves or requires any attention during the night, this is given instantly. These were the deeds of the ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’ – for us!”

It is also noted that not one injured soldier was ever abandoned by the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels even when under heavy fire from the enemy. It has long been a travesty that it took the Australian Government until 2008 to recognize these brave men for their courage and bravery.
Today  Papua New Guinea is celebrating “Fuzzy Wuzzy Day” with 6 Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels to receive special honour of Australia medallions.



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More Useless Friggin Information

The real name of the dog who played Toto in the Wizard of Oz was Terry III. (as if any one cares).

A group of rhinos is called a crash. (Isn’t that what they call a group of women drivers?)

That rumbling your stomach makes is called a borborygmi.

The Bible is the book most shoplifted. (why?)

Endolphilia is the desire to have sex with your clothes on.

WTF. Some elephants have been known to remain standing after they die.

A barnacle has a penis 40 times the length of its body (lucky thing!)

During World War II they tried to train bats to drop friggin bombs on Japan (so Manga). Hmm, you don’t believe me do you?


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Alan Turing Gets An Apology 57 Years Too Late

And so after 59 years Prime Minister Gordon Brown has finally apologized to Alan Turing on behalf of the British government. Whoa, feeling a little bit unloved there Mr Brown? Alan Turing was a code cracking genius and modern computing pioneer who was an invaluable asset to the British government during World War II. You all remember the movie Enigma right? Hmm, well Mr Turing had one little secret, he was gay. In 1952 the code cracker was arrest and convicted of “homosexual acts” and for his troubles was chemically castrated. Two years later a sad and broken Turing committed suicide by chomping on a cyanide-laced apple. Geez, they had such dramatic ways back then!
Hmm, now don’t be thinking Gordon Brown came up with this apologetic act on his own people, nope this was in direct response to a petition organized by computer scientist John Graham-Cumming. The petition was signed by over 30,000 people including Richard Dawkins and Ian McEwan. There is now a push to persuade the Queen to give Alan Turing a posthumous knighthood. Why not, she hands them out willy nilly anyways.

Part of Mr Brown’s speech read “Alan and the many thousands of other gay men who were convicted as he was convicted under homophobic laws were treated terribly.On behalf of the British Government, and all those who live freely thanks to Alan’s work I am very proud to say: we’re sorry, you deserved so much better.”

Wanna read more about Alan Turing ? Great article  by Geoffrey Wansell at the Daily Mail.


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Another Reason To Hate Needles

Yep, its got all the markings of a Singer

What? He died from a sewing injury?

Gosh, Singer Sewing machine could have quite inadvertently become the supplier of a crucial part of a deadly World War II weapon had it ever gone ahead. Ah, who am I kidding Singer were up to their neck in providing ammunition and weapons for the Allies while their  factories in Germany provided Nazis with weapons too. Fence sitting opportunists!

Anywho, newly released Top Secret War Office papers revealed plans by Allies to unleash a nasty weapon which could produced a cloud of tiny poison darts laced with mustard gas. The concept, which had been tested by scientists and on sheep,  was to blast a canister full of the deadly needles above the battlefield and let them shower down on the enemies. Any soldier unlucky enough to be pricked by the needles was promised a fast but horrendous death. Soldiers who pulled out the needle within 30 seconds were promised an even more excruciating demise.

The scientists went so far as to contact Singer Sewing Machines Co Ltd in Bristol, who were a tad confused about what they had been asked to produce  “From your remarks, it would seem that the needles are required for some other purpose, other than sewing machines.” (come on, don’t act dumb). In the report it also stated the darts were never used because they were a “highly uneconomical weapon” (and friggin fiddly to make by the sounds of it). Geez and not to mention friggin dangerous, imagine friendly fire with one of those!


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