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The Loon’s Worst Christmas Gift Guide

It’s the season to be jolly, fa lalalala la la la la…… Stuck for an idea on what to buy your nearest and dearest? You’re welcome…

  1. Purfect prez for your disgruntled cat6
  2. The pig tee can be worn for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinner8
  3. Designer flip flops in corn cob or fish14
  4. 15
  5. Great for the littlies…boo7
  6. For the helicopter moms in your life1
  7. Struggling for the ideal gift for your co worker?5
  8. Sure to make Aunty smile4
  9. Oh dear, poor Rudolph15
  10. How sweet11
  11. Who doesn’t need a bacon wallet?10
  12. Presidential Chia9


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Face Fail

Anyone recognize  this dude? Evidently, this is the best the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department  could come up with when creating a composite sketch of a knife weilding suspect involved in a  robbery. Good job boys. In their defence the department said it was “not a true depiction of the suspect, only a likeness”.

identity kit



OK. let me just say, it isn’t near so good as the Miami police’s sketch  of the bug eyed abductor of 2011.



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It Speaks For Itself

Stumbled across these scary black things in a park ……

Seriously? Is he scratching his butt?


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What Is The Filthiest Surface In America?

Just off to fill the car up

OMG, forget the door handle of a public toilet we have a new winner for filthiest thing to touch in the US. Wait for it …it’s gas pump handles. Oh dear lord, evidently they are the number one breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Want to know what else is friggin filthy? Handles of public mailboxes, escalator rails, ATM buttons, parking meters, crosswalk buttons and vending machines. Evidently germs from people’s hands can transfer 7 times before leaving the skin. Seriously?

1st  Psst  Swabs were taken in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and Philadelphia.

2nd Psst Sheez, if only the test had included Mega’s computer mouse!


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Black and White People Furniture

Hmm, so why doesn’t anyone look you in the eye?

Psst I was thinking more along the lines of… where white and black people wouldn’t be seen dead!


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Chocolate Would Have Been Fine

OK it was manure, but you get the drift!

Nothing says “I love you” better than a big pile of shit. Hmm, well so says Minnesota farmer Bruce Andersland who spent two days making a half a mile heart out of manure for his wife of 37 years. I bet she was impressed. Yes, Bruce grabbed his tractor and shit spreader and made the symbol of love in his snow covered field as a Valentine’s Day gift. His wife Beth said it was the biggest and most original Valentine she had ever received. Here’s hoping he doesn’t try to top it!


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