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Lost in Spain

Well, well, well, one of our Loons has finally got off their ass and written a book. Everyone remembers Scott, Scott Oglesby…oh for goodness sakes Zodiblog … remember, he’s the loon who  had been living in Spain with his wife and took home every stray animal that crossed his path (even if they didn’t want to)? Yeah Scott,  well, Scott has written a paella of yarns  about his experiences and it is available NOW, right this MINUTE on Amazon. I had the pleasure of having a sneak peak and lets just say it is clever, tongue in cheeky and soooo Scotty (the guy with the blog…stay focused). So Loons I am expecting you to go wander over to Amazon and friggin purchase it. I’m even gonna make it easy for you and give you the direct link … The Dude With The Blog Who Hasn’t Visited The Loon For Two Years Because He Was Writing A BOOK.

lost-in-spainScott Oglesby moved to Spain with the thought that it was the perfect chance to start over. Unfortunately, he brought himself with him. The result was dysfunction, delusion, chaos and one hilarious book. Lost in Spain is a collection of humorous essays centered around one very awkward American. With irreverent imagination, larger than life characters posing as humans, and surprising heart, this book will move you. Whether to laughter, tears, anger, or even an adventure in another country is anybody’s guess.


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