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While You Were Sleeping

Bride accidentally sleeps wth groomsmanTalk about awkward. A bride on her wedding night  got up in the middle of the night for a twinkle but when she returned she hopped into the wrong bed. The bed in question was that of the hubby’s groomsman and YES they did. When she awoke the next morning and discovered her mistake she ran out screaming “rape!!!!” When the groomsman refused to pay $3,500 the couple demanded , they went to the police. The court ruled it wasn’t rape just bad luck … or good luck if you were the groomsman.

Psst China


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Not Tonight Honey!

You know what I hate? When you are on hols and you accidentally enter the wrong hotel room and climb semi naked into bed with a Spanish couple. I really friggin hate that! ? Hmm, so too does the woman who woke up to find Gary Oddie lying on top of her. She screamed, her boyfriend woke up and Mr Oddie (who was apparently drunk) refused to leave. Mr Oddie now has free accommodation at the local jail and a great travel story!


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