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Father Knows Best

I’m going to blame this on the “You had one job to do!” backlash from his wife. A father spent hours trying to get his son’s head unstuck from two bars at a construction site.


No matter what he did the kid remained stuck. As the hours ticked by he was fearing he would have to call for help or worse…his wife. But then like a bolt of genius he realised he was doing it all wrong. That was awks!

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Hey, Didn’t We Just Bury You?

Sheez, I thought it was her

Sheez, I thought it was her

You know what’s awkward? When you positively identify a body as your missing relative and two days after the funeral the person you thought was dead rocks up. Now officials have to dig up the body and try and work out who it really is. Sheez, lucky they they chose burial.

Psst Those relatives need to go the SpecSavers


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Counterfeiter Fail

OK, here’s the thing dumbassed counterfeiter, you go to all that trouble to make fake $100 bills you would think you would do a little research beforehand. It is Ben Franklin, not Abe Lincoln, on the $100 note you friggin clown. Thank goodness the good folk at Target know their bucks.


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So Is It Your Left or My Left?

Oh crap!

So how much is a testicle worth? Hmm, if you are Italian man who had his healthy one removed in a hospital bungle it’s around $260,000. The unnamed mad had a tumor in his left ball but surgeons accidentally removed the right one. So in the end he had no balls but a nice deposit in his bank account.


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