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How Did I Miss This?


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Evidently Terrorist’s Hate Talent Shows

bomb-3OK people, you might be taking this increased terrorism level threat a little too far. Seems extra security has been placed on the set of X Factor Australia to screen audience members carrying bags onto the set. Hmm, with all the pyrotechnics used on the show it would be hard to work out who was kabooming who. I smell a publicity stunt.

Note I gotta ask …why is no one worried about Channel Ten’s Family Feud?

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Shiane Hawke

It is hard to believe this girl is 14. Shiane Hawke is currently appearing on Australia’a X-Factor. The often near to tears singer once told her mentor, the only thing she is good at is singing. Born with in-turned feet, Shiane spent the first 6 months of her life with plaster casts on her legs.


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Emmanuel Kelly Gets Booted Off X Factor

Despite Emmanuel Kelly getting a standing ovation and a special message from Yoko Ono, he’s been given the chop from X-Factor in favor of two, skimpy dressed,  make-up clad girls. Emmanuel Kelly, who was rescued from an orphanage in war torn Iraq fluffed the lyrics to a song several times and was given his marching orders by Guy Sebastian. After his shock elimination, the social Media sites went off, as people tweeted and texted their discontent. However, Emmanuel can take heart in the fact his song has touched millions. Yoko posted his rendition of Imagine on her website with the message

“Thank you, Emmanuel. You sang beautifully!
Thank you. John would have been proud of you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Love, yoko”


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Emmanuel Kelly

Kleenex time Loons. A few days ago this young fellow decided to audition for X Factor Australia. Emmanuel Kelly, who is 17, started out life in an orphanage in Iraq. He and his brother had been found in a park, in a shoebox, abandoned most probably because  both had been born with severe birth defects, thanks to chemical warfare. Enter Moira Kelly, who originally flew them to Australia for surgery, but ended up adopting the two boys. This is his story and song ….

Psst You may recognize Moira Kelly,  she is the guardian of conjoined twins, Trishna and Krishna, who were successfully separated in 2009 after she found them in a Bangladesh orphanage.  Moira  heads the Children First Foundation and this is her story.


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X Factor Punch Up

Looking like the cast from Little Britain, these two teens Abby and Lisa, wreaked havoc on the X-Factor stage.


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Fouad Djaoublia Has The X Factor

Yeah, yeah, yeah, another X Factor audition I can hear you groan, but loons, this is hilarious. Not because the poor French dude can’t sing, but because the audience helps him along, obviously feeling really bad for him. It is quite heartwarming in a “please don’t encourage him” type of way. Ironically Fouad Djaoublia has now become an Internet hit!

Psst Nurse Myra you might want to skip this one, I know how you hate the cringe factor!


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Worst Audition Ever

OK, I was pottering around on Youtube tonight and saw the title “Worst Audition Ever” and thought hmm, how bad could it be? Let me just say I am surprised there isn’t a Facebook page dedicated to this man? Can you hear the lambs Clarice? Being the Friggin Loon… fair and unbalanced…I think you should decide!

Psst I really, really hate clowns but I think if I found this guy at the end of my bed in the middle of the night singing that Barbie song it would freak me out beyond belief.


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X Rated Factor!

It is either a sock or singing isn’t Steve’s best asset. Poor Steve had a little issue when he auditioned for X Factor. Hmm, seems there was a party going on in his pants. The sight of poor Steve’s bulge sent the audience into fits of laughter and the judges into opened eyed shock. Before Bearman bursts our collective bubble with shrieks of fake.. check it out (before Youtube block it).


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She’s Got An X Factor Alright!

This is the reason why you should never, ever, encourage your kids to do something when you know damn well they aren’t good at it…even if you love them to bits. Now the reason I posted this wasn’t just because I nearly died from nasal coffee inhalation after watching this, but because Emma Chawner, bless her cotton picking soul, has made a comeback. Yep, she wasn’t happy being dissed by Simon Cowell on X Factor the first time, now she has returned for a second slaying.

Psst Hmm and if you think  the Chawner’s family look awfully familiar, they graced the British newspapers last year under the heading “83 stone family claiming £22,500 a year in benefits”. Just thought you’d like to know!

2nd Psst What,did they say they lived in  Ramsbottom? There goes the coffee up my nose again!

Recap….the first dissing….

and then…nooooooooo

but wait there’s more…she has a sister….


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