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Last Jesus Sighting Of The Year

And the last Jesus sighting of the year goes to Karen Sigler from Indiana who believes Jesus appeared in her chest X-ray just above her heart.

or Darth Vader?


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We Have a Bleeder

Oh dear god, I don’t want you to panic ladies but evidently TSA has admitted airport scanners can detect if you are wearing sanitary napkins. Oh and don’t get me started on tampons. One horrified blogger wondered if women might be forced to pull out their tampons to prove they aren’t concealing a stick of dynamite. Urgh, and just to get everyone into the panic mood, a doc at Johns Hopkins University says there is a risk (abet a mini one) travelers could get skin cancer from these X-rays.Oh well, I’m just going to go for the molestation pat down on my next trip..win/win!


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I’m sorry but a taser, pepper spray and a baton ain’t gonna calm a man who has a mouse up his butt, I’m just saying. A naked Noah Smith broke into a house in Seneca and began going ballistic. When police arrived he  tried to bite, slap and kick them, so they zapped, sprayed and whacked him. Later at the hospital x-rays revealed he had a mouse lodged in his rectum. Smith told the docs he didn’t have a clue how the rodent got there. Hmm, the Gere excuse.


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You’re The Bomb!

Geez, I was playing around!

Geez, I was playing around!

When the bomb squad arrived at a house in Orlando, Florida, they expected the worse. A suspicious 18 gallon plastic container lay in the driveway of a house. To ascertain what they were dealing with, they used a robot to x-ray the contents. Turns out the plastic container didn’t contain a bomb after all. What they discovered was a live cat. The feline is now been cared for by a neighbor.

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