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Dirty Laundry

someone placing feces in yale university clothes dryersAlas poor Yorrick, a man of infinite jest is placing human poo in the dryers at Yale University. The first victim opened up the dryer expecting to find her clothes soft and warm but instead was faced with an unfathomable horror … the poo cycle. Not only had her clothes been spinning around with someone’s feces the culprit had also taken a leak in there as well.   She told reporters “I simultaneously wanted to throw up, cry and punch someone,”  So far the perpertrator has claimed three victims.

Want sauce with that?


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Stop Looking She’s Been Found

The mystery of missing Uni student Annie Le has been solved. The body, believed to be that of the Yale student, has been found in a basement wall. For six days police and the public have been puzzled over the strange disappearance, with 75 security cameras capturing her entering the University laboratory but none showing her leaving. Bloody clothing was later found on the roof of the lab building but they didn’t match what Miss Le was wearing. Making this apparent murder all the more sadder, Miss Le was suppose to be getting married on the weekend.


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