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An Earthquake Swarm You Say?

Well Boo Boo, seems like you might want to grab your picnic basket and RUN!!!! Evidently Yellowstone National Park has been rattled by over 464 earthquakes in the past week. The reason being the Yellowstone supervolcano has been causing earthquake swarms . Despite the increase of in the seismic activity, experts are assuring the public there is no cause for alarm. Hmm, yeah right, then why call them “earthquake swarms”? Enough to scare the beejesus out of me.


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Those Friggin Mayans!

Hello, hello, can anyone hear me?

OK loons, you know how I hate spreading panic and fear BUT hello, the huge volcano under Yellowstone National Park has been raising at an “unprecedented rate”. Did you hear me, unfrigginprecedented. Scientists are saying it’s 5 times larger than ever before. If the thing erupts it could explode with a force 1000 times more powerful than the Mount St Helens eruption in 1980 with two thirds of the US becoming uninhabitable. But scientists are quick to pour cold water on the doomsday prediction saying it doesn’t necessarily mean an eruption is imminent. If you were wondering,  the last time it erupted was 70,000 years ago. Hey Boo-Boo , might want to stock your cupboards people!


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Reasons to Hate Live Webcam Part 1

Color looks a little off today!

Color looks a little off today!

Oh dear, two Yellowstone Park workers have been sacked after a live webcam caught them urinating into the Old Faithful geyser (hmm, you might want to consider renaming it Old Yellow?). OK, here’s the book now throw it at them! One of the workers was fined $750 and banned from Yellowstone National Park for 2 years while the other man’s case is still pending! Hope there isn’t a recall on bottled geyser water!

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