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One Legged Yeti?

A trekker in Bhutan believes he has stumbled across Yeti footprints. OK loons, hands up who thinks that Yeti must have been hopping?



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Yeti Is More Than You Can Bear

Oh for crying out loud scientists, why would you so cruelly debunct the Yeti myth? Seems the elusive creature that has intrigued the world for centuries is a friggin brown bear. Thanks a lot you bastards. The hair that was discovered in 2013 has been tested, and tested and tested and it now appears that it comes from a species of Himalayan Brown Bear. Bummer.


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The Yeti Is Real

Oh crap, they’re onto us!!!!

Russian scientists have confirmed Sasquatches (Yetis) are real folks, real!!!! Evidently DNA tests from strange hairs found in a Siberian cave have been confirmed as belonging to an unknown mammal that is closely related to us homo sapiens.  I can see you all raising your eyebrows but no one from Jersey Shore has ever been to Russian let alone shed hair in a cave.

Want sauce with that?


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The Yeti Is Alive

Stop looking people, scientist believe they have found indisputable proof of the existence of the Yeti in Siberia. Seriously dudes, ‘indisputable proof’ means you have the big hairy beast in captivity! Anywho, during an expedition to the Azasskaya cave the researchers from US and Canada found the usual Abominable Snowman evidence…footprints and hair samples. Hmm, but no hairy beast though! Why didn’t they just wait until the beast came home?

Psst What’s the bet if they ever find it they will kill it (for scientific reasons of course!)


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Yeti Scares Bikini Clad Teenager

OK I have been avoiding writing about the recent Yeti sightings (mainly to dodge a dissing by Bearman) but now that things have hotted up I feel it’s my duty. Justyna Folger is the latest person to get up close and personal with the elusive creature. She claims the Yeti was spying on her as she took a dip in her bikini in a secluded stream in the Tatra mountains, Poland (don’t ask Ann, I haven’t a clue why the bikini!). The 19 year old claims that at first she thought it was a bear but it suddenly got up on two legs and took off. Hmm, come on people, that could be any old perv! Oooh but check out the recent “caught on video” footage by tourist Piotr Kowalski of the Yeti wandering aimless on the Polish mountain.

Psst And Jammers, no I don’t think he would come out for chicken noodle soup w/Chinese five spice, curry and Tabasco !


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Yeti Hair Belongs to a Goat!

OMG, lucky I was wearing my goat coat at the time LOL!

OMG, lucky I was wearing my goat coat at the time LOL!

Friggin Yeti’s, Bigfoots, Storsjoes. Doesn’t the world have enough to worry about? I hate to break the news to the true believers but the yeti hair found in India actually belongs to a goat. Sorry! Scientists confirmed that the hair samples are in Himalayan Goral hair. The hair was handed over to the BBC by yeti/abominable snowman/mande barung fanatic, Dipu Marak. God knows how he got his hands on the hair, but it is believed to have come from dense jungle in Meghalaya (North East India). It was in this jungle that a forest ranger had the friggin shit scared out of him after spotting a 10ft , 300kg “forest man” (AKA as mande barung) roaming around. Rumor has it he bumped into the creature three days in a row! Initially, British scientists testing the hair for DNA, got really excited as the sample bore a “startling resemblance” to the suspected yeti hairs collected by Sir Edmund Hillary.But US scientists burst their bubble by declaring them goat’s hair! Damn that DNA.

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