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Why Did The Toddler Cross The Road?

A toddler in Turkey plays chicken in traffic…


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Ukulele Boy

OK, I really haven’t a clue what this kid is playing but I fear it kinda sounds a little like me when I sing along to a song on the radio.

Psst I do get whiffs of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”


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Stepdad Sticks 50 Needles in Boy

You know you are going to hell when you stick over 50 sewing needles into a two year old’s body. Roberto Carlos Magalhaes, the stepfather, has admitted to performing black magic on the child by sticking metal needles into him as a way to get back at his wife of 6 months…oh and because his mistress told him to! Some of the needles which are 5cm (2″) long  are so close to vital organs surgeons will be unable to remove them. Strangely doctors found no outside wounds on the boy though they believe they were inserted one by one and had not been swallowed. The boy remains in a Brazilian hospital in a serious condition.


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Be Careful What You Lick

Pole got ya tongue?

Boise firefighters in Idaho, armed with a glass of warm water, doused the tongue of a young boy who had it stuck to an icy metal fence pole. Bless the woman in the car who spotted the boy in the embarrassing predicament and rang for help (or he might still be there). Friggin heroes. Despite a little blood the boy continued on his merry way… to school.


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