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Prancercise Anyone?

Oh for the love of … some lady in the US has become a overnight sensation with her bizarre exercise vids called Prancercise. Basically you find your inner horse and go from there. Unfortunately, it isn’t just her weird walk that is grabbing attention. Ladies, wearing tight white lycra pants = cameltoe … there I said it.


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Megawoosh is a Megafake

German engineer Bruno Kammerl built the biggest homemade waterslide in the world, then filmed his first test run where he successfully landing in a pool of water, posted it on the net and then, bippity boppity boo, he became an instant Youtube success. Hmm, well hello suckers it seems the “MEGAWOOSH Bruno Kammerl jumps” is a fake. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but yes, it was digitally manipulated by marketing company MRM Worldwide on behalf of Microsoft Germany. Evidently they were forced to come clean after some people wrote on the comments, they were planning to build their own (law suit city!). Oh and by the way there ain’t no engineer named Bruno Kammerl, that was a fake too.


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