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He Said He Would “Never” Give Us Up!

Oh for the love of all things Rick Astley, YouTube have blocked the infamous Rickroll’d video. After 7 years and 71 million people falling victim,  Rick Rolled is gone. I’m telling ya, the world has gone to hell in a handbag!

Oh damn it …. hit it Rick for old time sakes …


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This Is What Happens When An Engineer Owns A Dog


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Little Victories That Make Your Day Better

It’s Sunday , so here’s something to brighten your day.

Psst I would like to add …. finding a pair of socks that match.


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Holy Spirits

A nun has been caught on CCTV stealing beer. Hmm, now that’s a bad habit.  Dear god, where did she put the beer, it must be cold?


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Teacher’s Pests

Two high school students have been charged with video voyeurism after they filmed up a teachers dress and then posted the footage on Youtube. One of the students ask the teacher for assistance and as she bent over the other student rolled camera .Sneaky. Once the footage of her privates were up on the internet, they began spreading the word.


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Mini Makena sings Adele


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Daddy Dearest

A girl was so peeved with her dad she posted a long rant on Facebook. He in turn discovers the diss and responds by doing  an 8 minute video on Youtube bitching about her . The finale ends with him shooting her laptop 7 times.

This is the edited version as I could stand listening to the attention whore no more.


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