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Not The Brightest Spark

OK honey, sweetie, darl, attempting to steal copper from a LIVE substation is gonna get you third-degree burns from the waist up and a big friggin exit hole in your leg. The unidentified man was found on his knees behind a locked gate at the Appalachian Power Co substation after having zapped himself and outed power to over 400 homes. Evidently copper theft has been on the increase since 2006 when the value increased dramatically. Hmm, by dramatically I mean you could get a few hundred bucks for your troubles.

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And The Lesson Today

A teacher from a New Hampshire high school is being sued after a student in his shop class got zapped so badly he was left brain damaged.Kyle Dubois and a few other student were mucking around when Dubois and his mate attached an electrical clamp to his nipples. A third student then plugged in the cord. Oh dear. The teacher, Thomas kelley, is now being sued for not warning them of the dangers of electrical demonstration cords.


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Shocking End To Rocket Launch

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, do not and I repeat do not, try to retrieve your model rocket out of power lines if you know what’s good for you. A Calgary man is in a critical condition after he climbed up a 24ft ladder and tried knocking it out with a stick. Zap!

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Dance Sinner Zapped With Stun Gun

A sinner in Madison, Wisconsin got his come up-pence by a Baraboo man this week. The male dance instructor had allegedly been “defiling married women” by touching them during dance lessons which enraged the church goer. So angry was he , he rang the instructor for private lessons and took a stun gun and a sledgehammer with him . When the instructor opened the door he was repeatedly zapped in the neck. That will teach him!  The man told police he just wanted to scare him… oh and tell him to “leave the women alone.” as the church doesn’t condone touching while dancing. Geez, they might want to consider line- dancing instead…way safer.

Psst No word on what the sledge hammer was for! Couldn’t be good!


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