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A Zebra and Macaw Walk Into A Bar

You know what I hate? When an intoxicated man decides to drive home from a pub with his zebra and a macaw sitting in the front seat of his truck with him. Friggin Iowa! I hope they had seat belts!

Want sauce with that?



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WTF Japanese Zoo Drills

Ever wondered why the Japanese are so good at maintaining their zoo safety records? No? Hmm, OK, well I will let you in on a wee little secret, they practise really hard. Here is a collection of bizarre zoo drills the staff, police and emergency services participate in each each year to hone their skills in the advent of an animal escape. Trust me this is a hoot! Lets begin with the rhino …

Thought that was weird? They have one for an ape too….

and a polar bear

and lets not forget a dangerous zebra


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