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Zika Virus has just been added to the Olympics

Lets hope the Zika Virus is steroid proof or we are going to have more trouble than a Lance Armstrong Tour de France reunion. Fears are mounting that the virus will spread globally if the Rio Olympics proceeds. So hands up, who wants to host the Olympics…anyone? Brazil have 99 days to call it quits.



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Mosquitoes Are At It Again

No need to panic but WTF? Zika virus is alive and well, and causing catostrophic birth defects. The mosquito spread virus has been blamed for the 3500 cases of microcephaly in babies born in Brazil this year. That means the babies are born with heads up to three times smaller than average. Now there is a mega warning for all pregnant women to take extra precautions if travelling to Brazil.

PSST Meanwhile over in Africa the Ebola outbreak is back!!!

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