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Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are

Well Mr Zodiac Killer you have been hiding from us for decades, with your clever little cryptic codes and your crudely made hoods. Thought you were smarter than the cops and the journos with your untraceable notes. Well, boast no more. Thanks to a partial DNA and modern technology your face and name might just be revealed.

Since the 1960s the Zodiac Killer has been murdering , taunting and avoiding arrest but a new technology may solve the identity of one of the most elusive serial killers of the 20th century. Over the years there have been two main suspects in the murders, Ross Sullivan and Lawrence Kane but police have failed to make an arrest.

All the recent buzz and excitement is over an unexpected discovery.  Yep, cold case detective (no, not Lily Rush) has found DNA on one of the victim’s clothing and hopes it will lead to answers. Ooooh can’t wait.

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Zodiac Killer and Linked To Kennedy Assassination

Hands up loons, how many of you searched Google for info on Ted Cruz’s dad’s link to Lee Harvey Oswald? I admit I did. Kinda had a chuckle when I came across this one…. you couldn’t access the story unless you liked…I want a Republican in the White House.


Poor Cruz, he can’t take a trick. First he was named as the Zodiac Killer, despite not having been born for the first killing and now his father has been accused of being connected to Lee Harvey Oswald and JFK’s assassination. No wonder he pulled the plug….it’s all becoming too absurd.


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Zodiac Killer Is Still Alive

OK Loons, I know you have heard it all before but retired highway cop believes he knows who the Zodiac Killer is. Well it’s about friggin time someone does! The Zodiac killer haunted San Fransisco Bay area in the 1960’s, randomly killing people while dressed in a strange hood and then sending cryptic letters to newspapers and police. Lyndon Lafferty believes the killer is a 91 year old man still living in California. What’s even worse is he believes that the Zodiac  had been protected by corrupt officials and police because the Zodiac’s wife was having an affair with a prominent judge. And what’s even worse still, he’s written a book on it  without revealing his identity . Seriously people, shouldn’t your main aim be to have the bastard arrested instead of making money from writing books?

Want sauce with that?


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Friggin Zodiac Killer

Look like a merchant seaman to you?

Look like a merchant seaman to you?

At this rate I am going to have to put up a new category… Friggin Zodiac Killer. Can you believe yet another suspect in the “who dunnit” saga has been identified. Geez, it’s not like you win a car for solving this guys.Robert Tarbox a retired San Francisco lawyer claims one of his clients confessed his sins to him in the 1970’s. The man in question was a merchant seaman who walked off the streets and straight into Mr Tarbox’s law firm close to closing time. The seaman sat down and proceeded to admit he was the Zodiac Killer. Mr Tarbox, who was bound by client confidentiality, sat in a locked room with the supposed serial killer for several hours as he talked about his “opportunistic” murder spree. The man eventually got up and left without so much as a coded message when Mr Tarbox told him he would fry for his crimes if he ever confessed. Adda-boy! So why has this retired lawyer waited up until now to tell his tale? Hmm, seems he has been feeling guilty about the treatment of the late Arthur Leigh Allen, who has long been considered the prime suspect, and wanted to give his family some closure.

Psst I hope he told Mr Tarbox what the friggin coded messages meant. It has been sending cryptic puzzle solvers mental for years!

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So what really was his star sign?

One day you are rummaging through your late step dad’s stuff and before you know it you are knee deep in a crime investigation. And not just any crime, one of the biggest friggin unsolved one’s in American history. Books, films, doco’s have all been written about the hooded maniac running around the Bay area California in the late 1960’s and 70’s killing people and taunting police.
The Zodiac killer sent four crytograms to the press of which only three were ever deciphered . That was until Denis Kaufman came forward.He believes his step father,Jack Tarrance, is the hooded cryptic code killer. The stepson is going on the premise if he looks like the zodiac killer, writes like the zodiac killer and has a hood just like the zodiac killer, he probably is the zodiac killer. When Denis’s step dad died in 2006 the whole awful reality unfolded before him. I remember watching the latest Zodiac movie on a flight and it scared the living daylights out of me, I can’t imagine what I would do if I found the friggin hood with a zodiac on it! Even worse for Denis was having Jack’s undeveloped rolls of film developed and discovering gruesome images of presumed victims. I bet Arthur Leigh Allen, the number one suspect of the crimes would have been really miffed if he were alive today.


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