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False Alarm, No Zombies In Minnesota

shrug 3Sorry officer, I had to steal the newspaper delivery truck because I was being chased by zombies ..honest to god. Yeah, well, was the Zombie called Jack Daniels, Jim Beam or Johnny Walker by any chance? Hmm, you obviously see dead people when your blood alcohol level is 0.198. Movie on, nothing to see here except some random drunk dude from Minnesota.


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Granny Goes Zombie

For the love of God can someone let granny rest in peace!!!


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Zombie Alert

Just when you thought the Zombie apocalypse was over, last week a Chinese man named Dong  attacked a woman and started eating her face. Dong, who was not on the infamous “Bath Salts”, was drunk when he confronted and then started gnawing on the poor women.


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Lions and Tigers and Zombies , Oh My.

Remember the dude who ate the face off the homeless guy after taking bath salts? Yeah well about that. Seems the toxicology results are in and …oh no…he had only marijuana in his system. Run!!!!


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Forget Friggin Twilight, We Got Zombies!

I'll have what he's having!

I'll have what he's having!

A man who was waiting to order food at the University of Iowa campus in Iowa City, is licking his wounds after being punched in the face twice after being mistaken for a Zombie. Student? Zombie? Easy mistake. Evidently his behavior, while ordering, led another man to believe he was a Zombie. So you see, of course the man had no choice but to hit him in the eye and then punched him on the nose. Geez, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Come on people  if he was right, we would be thanking him right now. Friggin hero!

Psst What the hell do Zombies study?


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